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May 2014 3-4 Cycadia
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Less then three years since their new home was completed, this garden's owners now have the rural haven they had long planned. Natural bushland surrounds the house, merging with large pockets and garden beds filled to the brim with tropical plants and colour. Cordylines, bromeliads, hibiscus, cycads and many lesser-known plants provide all-round visual interest. The spacious deck offers a perfect outlook, and a large collection of bonsai has its own display space.
78 Bridson Road, Humpty Doo 10am-4.30pm $7.00
10-11 The Artist's Retreat
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The Artist's Retreat
The garden of Top End artist Jasmine Jan encompasses a large billabong, bushland walks and tropical exotic plantings surrounding the house. A studio retreat overlooks the billabong and a range of garden-themed sculptures and artworks by Jasmine and several other local artists will be on display. Recent additions to the Artist's Retreat include a large shade garden near the billabong with brightly coloured benches and mosaic-topped tables, and an extended vegie and herb garden incorporating 'Cluckingham Palace' for some very happy chickens. Lots to see in this brilliant garden, plus delightful spots to enjoy some great refreshments. Visitors can stroll meandering bushland walking trails designed for easy access, surrounded by Top End native plants.
75 Herring Road, Lambells Lagoon 10am-4.30pm $7.00
17-18 Young Love
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Young Love
This lush suburban oasis was developed from an older garden, crammed with overgrown palms. The new owners cleared most of the palms, laid new lawns, set out wide contoured garden beds and began a program of intensive planting. Now, just a few years later, the garden attests to the young owners' energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and hard work. A myriad of tropical shrubs, flowering plants and ground covers have settled happily into the new garden. Bamboos and tiger grass provide dense privacy screens along the busy road frontage, and bromeliads abound, showing off their leaves and flowers throughout the garden
32 Francis Street, Rapid Creek 10am-4.30pm $7.00
24-25 Eileen's garden
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Eileen's garden
A delightful garden with an abundance of tropical flowering and foliage plants in the ground, in pots and in baskets. Desert roses, mussaendas, pentas, begonias, crotons,cordylines, draceanas, orchids and many more thrive in this delightful space. The owner relocated from a large rural block, but certainly did not abandon her active gardening traditions and ambitions.
17 Cabman Court, Bakewell 10am-4.30pm $10.00 joint fee with Lyn's garden
Lyn's garden
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Lyn's garden
Tucked away on a leafy street leading to a tranquil lake, this garden on a compact block has areas of lawn, rock mulch, and privacy planting. A lily pond with solar-powered fountain is a focus in one corner, colour comes from impatiens, desert roses, hibiscus, and cordylines, and pawpaws and sugar cane add to the tropical theme.
5 Ashburton Way, Gunn 10am-4.30pm $10.00 joint fee with Eileen's garden
June 2014 7-8 Aralia Gardens
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Aralia Gardens
This bright and colourful garden features mature cycads, a superb variegated pandanus and iconic Bismarckia palms. The generous block has provided room for large-scale and verdant plantings of frangipanis, crotons, dracaenas, gingers, cordylines, hibiscuses and bougainvilleas. Lush lawns, a wonderful family pool, and a colourful fish pond with mosaic feature panel complete this striking, stylish - and slightly crazy - garden!
33 Aralia Street, Nightcliff 10am-4.30pm $7.00
14-15 Si Kecil
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Si Kecil
A courtyard garden filled to the brim with thriving tropical plants - in the ground, in pots and in baskets. Look up! This garden maximises available space with bromeliads attached to mature palms, and a vertical lattice garden with an eclectic mix of potted plants. This delightful garden is enhanced by a sheltered resting corner, fish ponds and a spa. This is a terrific example of how to create a secluded, tropical garden atmosphere in a restricted space.
3/3 Rocklands Drive, Tiwi 10am-4.30pm $5.00
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This charming garden maximises the available space, featuring rocks and ornaments, vertical arrangements, paths and corners, and extensive planting, creating an intimate outdoor environment for family and visitors. A large pond in the front garden is packed with water-loving plants, offering a safe habitat for birds and frogs. In the back garden, a handsome lion's head spills water over a rock wall into another pond, adding to the tropical ambience of the garden. The vegetable corner is well worth a visit.
17 Kilfoyle Crescent, Nakara 10am-4.30pm $7.00
July 2014 19-20 Nesu Garden
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Nesu Garden
Beautiful park-like rural garden slopes gently down to the wet season creek bounding it on two sides. Mature spreading trees shade beds of understorey plants with bromeliads, caladiums, ferns, birdsnest ferns and anthuriums. Orchids abound in this garden - in shadehouses, on trees and racks, and in pots. Recent additions include a bridged extension of the original garden over the creek, to large-scale orchid planting and native trees. A wonderful garden.
70 Hinton Road, Virginia 10am-4.30pm $7.00
26-27 Anthill Gardens
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Anthill Gardens
The Top End's largest private display garden has 10 acres of linked shaded walkways through thousands of lush tropical plants. Numerous garden rooms, each with a different character, and themed collections feature bamboos, bougainvilleas, succulents, desert roses and fragrant plantings. Visit the extensive edible garden packed with vegies and herbs, a collection of rose bushes and archways laden with vines, including the amazing and beautiful jade vine. Recent additions include a large pond, and a new garden room of beautiful young salmon gums, while an old car garden, and many vintage and interesting relics, will fire the imagination.
445 Cox Peninsula Road, Berry Springs 10am-4.30pm $10.00
August 2014 Sat 2 incrEDIBLE WEEKEND
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incrEDIBLE WEEKEND - Saturday
Start your incrEdible Weekend with a visit to the inspiring Aweganic Gardens at 32 Cummins Street, Rapid Creek, with more than 180 varieties of edible plants. Then head over the road to The Mulch Pit at the Uniting Church to see their community patch, and enjoy a meal prepared by an Indonesian community group. From 3pm, visit the Lakeside Drive Garden in Alawa to hear talks on permaculture and other productive gardening topics, then stay on for dinner and the solar-powered cinema showing of the brilliant multi-award-winning documentary 'Dirt: The Movie', starting at 7pm. (An insightful film that tells the story of the glorious and unappreciated material beneath our feet.)
32 Cummins St, Rapid Creek plus 2 gardens in Alawa 9am-4.30pm $10.00 for all gardens
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Day 2 of your incrEdible Weekend takes you on a visit to the Jingili Community Garden, the NT's original community garden, which is next to the Jingili Watergardens. Adjacent is the new City of Darwin Community Orchard, featuring a wide range of tropical fruit trees. Also in the Jingili precinct is Jingili Primary School, which has recently joined the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. A range of talks will be presented during the day, including creating a productive garden for balcony and courtyard spaces, vertical gardening, compost production, fruit tree pruning, biochar information and wet season soil management.
Freshwater Drive, Jingili
& 17 Rindberg St, Jingili
10am-4.30pm $7.00 for all gardens
9-10 Kelly's Hideaway
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Kelly's Hideaway
Established gardens shelter this house on all sides, featuring traditional tropical plantings of palms, heliconias and gingers, all growing under spreading shade trees. The owners are orchid fanciers, so these beautiful plants are dotted everywhere around the garden, along with bromeliads, begonias, succulents and many others. Innovative use of recycled objects, along with bargain buys used in special ways.
4 Helio Court, Woodroffe 10am-4.30pm $7.00
16-17 Serendipity
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This garden is a relaxing and peaceful haven for its owner, a welcome break from her busy working life. A shaded terrace looks out on to a pool area surrounded by selected palms and shrubs, while orchids and bromeliads add to the cool green ambience. A stand of softly rustling black bamboo leads to the back garden, where beds of cycads, a large and fragrant murraya, and a series of raised vegetable beds back on to farmland behind. Serendipitous indeed!
2 Sanford Street, Leanyer 10am-4.30pm $7.00
23-24 Survival of the Fittest
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Survival of the Fittest
Rural garden with a fascinating focus on Top End native plants, along with exotic specimens and tropical fruit trees. Many of the natives are unusual and rarely available, and were grown from seed collected by the owner on frequent trips around the Top End. The rare Burmese 'Queen of Flowering Trees' (Amherstia nobilis), with its pendant blooms, could also be in flower during this Open Garden weekend. This garden thrives on tough treatment, minimal water and fertiliser.
60 Barker Road, Howard Springs 10am-4.30pm $7.00
30-31 Six of the Best
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Six of the Best
Good gardening neighbours in this block of six Territory Housing units have joined to open their individual garden areas. The units each have a different theme - succulents, classic tropical, productive and everything in between. Each townhouse unit has a rear courtyard and front garden area, along with a side access. The units have a strong tropical design, enhanced by the various garden styles. A classic car display is an added attraction.
3 Moorhen Circuit, Bakewell 10am-4.30pm $7.00 for 6 garden areas

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