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This information is updated regularly. However from time to time due to circumstances beyond our control, last minute cancellations can occur.

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Garden Notes
The Garden Notes are written by the garden owners and often tell the story of their garden. We try to provide Garden Notes ahead of the opening for every garden, but unfortunately this is not always possible. Garden Notes will usually be available in the week prior to the garden opening and will remain available online after the garden has opened. A list of available Garden Notes (in pdf format) can be found by using the 'Notes' link next to each garden or the link below.

Please note that children under 18 are admitted free of charge

Garden Name

Details & Photo Garden Notes




May     Saturday 9 and Sunday 10
Bellis: the garden of Jerry Coleby-Williams EVENT DETAILS > Click here
ABC Gardening Australia presenter Jerry Coleby-Williams' own inspiring, award-winning garden. Jerry's great depth of knowledge and a passion for sustainability are the key ingredients to its success, with good soil preparation ensuring bounteous seasonal organic crops. The house is solar-powered, rainwater is harvested for drinking, and all waste water is recycled for food growing. Even the lawn is sustainable - it's mown using a solar-powered lawnmower!
A hedge of one of Australia's rarest wildflowers, the Philip Island Hibiscus, will be in flower.
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Notes 56 Daisy St, Wynnum 10am-4.30pm $10.00
May     Saturday 16 and Sunday 17
Lindmar Click here
A beautiful and immaculately presented garden where inviting paths meander past collections of bromeliads, coleus, durantas and gingers beneath graceful mature palms and eucalypts. The relaxed welcoming ambience incorporates lush green lawns, shady seating areas and raised beds of subtropical and tropical plants. Quirky garden furniture.
Notes 130 Blewers Rd, Morayfield 10am-4.30pm $8.00
Cacophony Lodge Click here
Cacophony Lodge
The lush plantings in this impressive garden are a testament to dedicated soil improvement from composting, mulching, organic fertilizer and foliar feeding. Massed bromeliads and spathiphyllums thrive beneath tall palms. Agaves, heliconias, gingers, strelitzias, euphorbias. Tipuanas, silky oaks and African tulip trees. Many camellias and azaleas.
Notes 41 Hatfield Rd, Eumundi 10am-4.30pm $8.00
Cancelled opening
Clifford garden
Cowley garden Click here
Cowley garden
Viewed through an inviting entrance is an appealing garden sheltered by several magnificent eucalypts. Reliable favourites such as jacarandas, murrayas, topiaried cumquats and mop-top olives are used to great effect. Wonderful tree house; beach volleyball court surrounded by palm trees. Orchard, macadamias, small herb garden.
Notes Boronia Ave, St George 10am-4.30pm $7.00
Duania Click here
A driveway entrance lined with agapanthus leads into a garden whose highlights include an avenue of London planes, a lilly-pilly maze, formal rose garden, lagoon and lush sweeping park-like lawns overlooking the river. Screen plantings of lovely Bradford pears. Vegetable garden; orchard of apples, pears, oranges, lemons, peaches, apricots, plums, mulberry and a pineapple guava.
Notes 12563 Carnarvon Hwy, St George 10am-4.30pm $7.00
Kanandah Click here
Two large camphor laurels and sweeping lawns lead to curved beds with albizias, jacarandas and roses. The back garden features roses, a large flame tree, three Bradford Pears, a gazebo and a wall of white oldeaners along the back fence. Hibiscus, salvias, chrysanthemums, canna lilies, durantas, plumbago, bougainvillea.
Notes 9405 Carnarvon Hwy, St George 10am-4.30pm $7.00
May     Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24
Cancelled opening
Dallas Kampe's Tropical Garden
Mount Cotton
May     Saturday 23 and Sunday 24
Mat & Mel's garden
Click here
Mat & Mel's garden
This is a family-friendly garden with delightful design solutions. It harmoniously combines children's play areas with edible gardens and an extensive bromeliad collection. Productive elements include fruit trees, tall banana plants, heritage-bred chickens and aquaponics. Pond with aquatic plants; bird aviary.
Notes 56 Summerland Dve, Deeragun 10am-4.30pm $8.00
May     Saturday 30 and Sunday 31
Giardino Lucciola Click here
Giardino Lucciola
A sweep of hillside has been transformed into an impressive young garden. Semi-mature deciduous trees enhance a large English Cottage garden. Delightful woodland walk of vibrant annuals. In autumn the hillside is ablaze with the reds, golds and oranges of the trees.
Notes 2372 Beechmont Rd, Beechmont 10am-4.30pm $10.00
Belle Rive Click here
Belle Rive
An award-winning garden created by expert plantsmen showcases an extraordinary range of foliage plants. Many rare and unusual species ensure colourful year-round display; thousands of bromeliads in breathtaking rainbow shades. A conservatory houses orchids, ferns and other shade-lovers. Plantings overflow into adjoining property.
Notes 7 Orme Rd, Buderim 10am-4.30pm $10.00
Cancelled Opening
Vico garden
Cancelled Opening
June     Saturday 6, Sunday 7 and Monday 8
Changed date: see 16-17 May
June     Saturday 20 and Sunday 21
Changed date: see 30-31 May
Belle Rive
June     Saturday 27 and Sunday 28
Cancelled opening
Bennett garden

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