Our Open Garden program in Tasmania has now concluded.

We would like to thank all of our generous garden owners who have shared their inspirational gardens as well as our hard-working volunteers and wonderful visitors for their outstanding support over many years.

Garden notes for gardens that have opened recently can be found here > > >

New organisation to continue the tradition of opening inspiring public gardens

Having concluded our last ever season, we would like to highlight an organisation that is continuing the tradition of opening inspiring private gardens to the public. My Open Garden will help you stay connected with local gardening enthusiasts, and keep you up to date with the latest openings and gardening events in your local area.

My Open Garden: My Open Garden is a place for exploring open gardens and gardening events across Australia, and connecting with other gardening enthusiasts. Designed as a central reference point, we want to bring together individual garden owners, local/regional groups and event organisers through our website, and make it easy for the public to find out about them.

Get involved: We invite you to register on our website.
Garden owners and event organisers pay a modest fee to list their events on our website, and can create their event profiles at any time. Visitors can access all My Open Garden listings for free, and the information is also made freely available to garden clubs, special interest groups, journalists and affiliated garden designers and nurseries.

For more information:
Website: My Open Garden | Email: Email My Open Garden | Facebook:
Facebook My Open Garden | Phone: 0419 228 434

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